We will regularly add FAQs to this page as required...

General FAQ

1. Who and what is JewelleryJoy.co.uk?
If you visit the ABOUT US page you will discover the answer.
2. Can I use the JewelleryJoy logo and can I promote my JewelleryJoy URL on business cards, etc?
Yes, subscribed sellers are free to promote their unique URL wherever they like. The JewelleryJoy Logo can also be used by subscribed sellers as long as it is used appropriately. The Logo must be used in context and in conjuntion with promotion of a sellers site.
3. How do I contact JewelleryJoy?
If you visit the HELP page you will discover the answer.

Buyers FAQ

1. I want to buy an item from a seller's catalogue. How do I pay?
All our sellers accept PayPal as their default payment method. If you don't have a PayPal account you can use your debit or credit card to pay for the item. Some sellers might accept other payment methods. We recommend you contact the seller directly if you want to pay using an alternative method.
2. Am I buying from JewelleryJoy?
No, you are buying direct from the particular seller. Your contract is with the seller so we advise you to read the Terms & Conditions of Sale for the particular seller before proceeding with your purchase.
3. I made a purchase but I want to cancel the transaction?
Your rights to return goods are protected under the EU Distance Selling Directive. You are entitled to cancel your order and return the goods within 7 working days for a full refund, including the cost of delivery.
4. Do I need to register as a buyer on JewelleryJoy?
No, we do not require you to register to buy from JewelleryJoy. Buyers can register to recieve the JewelleryJoy newsletter but this is completely optional.
5. I don't live in the UK, can I be a JewelleryJoy buyer?
No, sorry we currently only accept UK resident buyers. Once we get more established we may change this.
6. My order hasn't arrived?
In the first instance we recommend that you contact the seller. In a small number of cases it is possible for the postal service to lose a parcel or for the parcel to be delayed. If the seller is failing to respond or more than 28 days have passed since the transaction was completed then please contact Customer Service at JewelleryJoy.
7. Can I leave feedback for the seller?
Yes, we will ask you to rate a seller after a transaction. You will automatically recieve an email detailing the feedback process 5 days after the item is shipped. A reminder will be sent 9 days after this if feedback has still not been recieved.

Sellers FAQ

1. Do I have to have a PayPal account to be a JewelleryJoy seller?
Yes, JewelleryJoy is a subscription service. We require all our sellers to pay using PayPal. Subscription payments are automatic every 60 days at the amount agreed at sign-up.
2. I don't live in the UK, can I be a JewelleryJoy seller?
No, sorry we are currently only accepting UK resident sellers.
3. How do I set up my seller pages?
First of all you need to log in. The simplest way is to use the SELLER LOGIN button at the foot of the page.
Once logged in you will see a menu offering a number of administration options. One of the first things we would recommend is that you complete your profile and perhaps upload a profile image so that potential customers can start to get to know you.
You can upload images to your gallery, add new blog entries and add diary events.
It is necessary to complete your contact details and your terms & conditions of sale before you start adding items to your sales catalogue.
4. What can I sell on JewelleryJoy?
You are permitted to sell any piece of completed jewellery which has been hand-crafted by you in the UK. This can be as simple as a pair of bead earings or as complex as a fabricated sterling silver ornate brooch. We do not require you to make your own beads, charms or findings as we recognise that many crafters start simply and work up to greater things. If you use components then you must ensure that by using them you are not breaking copyright when assembling your item. Obviously if you do make your own beads, etc then please shout it from the rooftops when you describe your item!
Your item must be safe and must conform to all current UK legislation including hallmarking where necessary. It is the sellers responsibility to make sure of this. You must not sell items which may cause offence or which contravene UK laws.
Mass produced or 'bought-in' finished items must not be sold on this site. Sellers who we believe are doing this will be suspended.
5. I have the same piece of jewellery but in a number of colour variations and sizes. Can I list these as one item?
No, we request that each item variation is classed as a unique item in your catalogue.
6. I have sold an item. What now?
Congratulations! Log in to your seller administration pages. You will be advised that an item requires shipping. You can produce an invoice which you can print and add to the parcel. The invoice will contain the buyers address details.
Once you have packaged up the item click the button which is labelled SHIP and then dispatch immediately.
We require all sellers to ship items within 5 working days of receipt of payment.
7. I have sold an item but I haven't recieved any money?
Firstly please check your PayPal account carefully. If the JewelleryJoy system believes that the item has been paid for but your PayPal account says otherwise then contact Customer Support immediately. DO NOT SHIP THE ITEM until you are sure that payment has cleared.
8. I have been contacted by a buyer who wants to pay for an item without using PayPal. It this okay?
Yes as long as it is okay with you. but we recommend that you DO NOT SHIP THE ITEM until you are sure that payment has cleared. To process a sale outside of JewelleryJoy simply delete the item from your catalogue and deal directly with the buyer to determine delivery details, etc. There will be no record of the sale within our JewelleryJoy account.
9. Are there any limits to the prices I can charge for my jewellery?
We have currently set a limit of 199.99 as the maximum price for a single jewellery item. Postage charges are also limited to 99.99. We will revue these figures on a regular basis. If you require a higher limit then please contact Customer Services.
10. I am trying to enter my address to confirm my details but my county isn't listed. Why?
To get hold of a definitive UK county list has been one of the most difficult tasks we have faced during development. We have sourced various lists and combined them to give the best selection but it is still not 100% accurate. If your county is missing then please contact Customer Services and we will add it immediately.