JewelleryJoy has been designed specifically for the needs of UK hand-crafted jewellery makers. It's main purpose is as a portal to showcase the work of the many talented UK jewellery makers operating in the UK. JewelleryJoy was designed to meet a number of challenges faced by jewellery crafts-people who want to promote and sell their works at various locations online and offline.
JewelleryJoy gives crafters a dedicated website and profile, a blog, an events diary, an image gallery and an ecommerce catalogue. The design means that little or no computer experience is necessary to set-up a seller's site. Images are automatically sized and PayPal integration is built-in.

One of the major differences between JewelleryJoy and other similar sites is the fixed price subscription approach and no commission charged for sales. This gives a number of benefits to the seller:
* The seller can add new items, delete items and change items for sale as often as they like.
* It is possible for a seller to list an item for sale in their online catalogue - nothing special there! But what happens if the seller decides to take the item to a craft fair? The item is now for sale in two locations... if the item is sold at the fair and the seller gets home to find the same item is also sold online this can be very embarrassing. JewelleryJoy allows the seller to suspend a single item whilst at a fair and then re-enable it upon return home.
* Buyers trade directly with sellers using PayPal. That means that 100% of a payment (minus PayPal fees) go directly to the seller.
* When an item is sold a replacement can be added to the catalogue at no additional charge. This means that JewelleryJoy actually has no limit to the number of sales which can be made and everything is included in a single, low,60 day subscription fee.

The system has been designed and built by Mark Vardy. Mark has many years experience selling hand-crafted sterling silver and beaded jewellery both online and also at craft fairs. More recently Mark has run a jewellery making supplies business selling beads and findings.
Mark aims to improve and develop JewelleryJoy on an ongoing basis. Feedback from sellers and buyers alike will help shape the future of this platform.

A number of new features are already in development including a directory of jewellery making component suppliers, a 'commission me' system, a pricing tool, etc... If you have any suggestions then please contact us.